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Rockschool Popular Piano And Keyboards - Grade 1 with CD
Media: Sheet Music, CD Language: English Arrangement: Keyboard, Piano (KBD/PF)
345,000 IDR
L. Janácek: Works for Violin and Piano
Volume / Series: BÄRENREITER URTEXT EditorKrejcí, Iša / Nemcová, Alena Language(s) of text: Czech, English, German Product format: Performance score(s), Part(s), Urtext edition Instrumentation: Violin, Piano
370,000 IDR
Violin Recital Album First Position, Volume 1
20 Recital Pieces in First Position for Violin and Piano or Two Violins Volume / Series: Bärenreiter's Sassmannshaus Editor: Sassmannshaus, Kurt / Sassmannshaus, Christoph / Lusk, Melissa Language(s) of text: English, German Product format: Performance score(s), Part(s) Instrumentation: Violin, Piano (Violin (2))
287,000 IDR
Chinrest Ebony 28mm
for Violin and Viola Ebony Wood 28 mm
660,000 IDR
Chinrest Rosewood 28mm
For Violin and Viola Rosewood 28mm
660,000 IDR
Trinity AmusTCL Study Guide 2017 Revised Edition
A Guide to Section A - Written Musical Skills Derek Hyde & William Tomkins
217,500 IDR
Music Theory in Practice, Grade 7
by Aston, Peter / Webb, Julian
163,500 IDR
R. Sadowsky, A. Jonas, S. D. Buechner: Master School of Virtuoso Piano Playing: Volume I Finger Exercises
Composed by Reah Sadowsky, Alberto Jonas, Sara Davis Buechner Format: Book Number of pages: 256
375,000 IDR
Music Theory in Practice, Grade 7
Series: ABRSM Music Theory in Practice
163,500 IDR
Chopin : Nocturnes : for piano
Neuware - Deutsch. Bookseller Inventory
490,500 IDR
Chopin : Impromptus Op. 29, 36, 51: Chopin National Edition
Includes Impromptu in A-flat Major, Op. 29; Impromptu in F-sharp Major, Op. 36; and Impromptu in G-flat Major, Op. 51. The central section of each is characterized by the cessation of movement and effusive lyricism. The opening and closing sections, though full of movement, weave long-breathed arabesques with tranquility.
213,000 IDR
Chopin : Preludes Opp. 28, 45 / Preludia Op. 28, 45
The Preludes of Op. 28 include all 24 major and minor tonalities arranged in a circle of fifths, with each major key being followed by its relative minor. Contrary to custom of using this type of piece as didactic material, Chopin's cycle was intended as concert music.
314,500 IDR
Chopin Studies
154,000 IDR
F. Chopin: Polonaises
Editor: Ewald Zimmermann Fingering: Hans-Martin Theopold Pages: 154
444,000 IDR
Chopin : Polonaises
165,000 IDR
Chopin : Piano Sonata
66,000 IDR
F. Chopin: Impromptus
Editor: Ewald Zimmermann Fingering: Hans-Martin Theopold Pages: 54
259,000 IDR
Chopin : Rondos, Wn A Viii, Opp. 1, 5, 16
showing virtuoso bravura. (Note that the Rondo in C Major for 2 pianos is not included here, but published separately in 00132310.) The National Edition of the Works of Fryderyk Chopin Published by PWM Exclusively Distributed by Hal Leonard Corporation Co-Editors Jan Ekier and Pawel Kaminski The objective of the National Edition is to present Chopin's complete output in its authentic form, based on the entire body of available sources. Sources were analyzed with up-to-date scientific and musicol
264,000 IDR