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W. Lloyd Webber:Nocturne Cello & Piano

Composer:Andrew Lloyd Webber

This short yet unforgettable Nocturne for cello and piano recalls in style the passionate lyricism of Rachmaninov, yet with a touch of tender nostalgia that is typically English in origin.
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Cello Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Edited by Rubardt. This edition: Urtext. Sheet Music Sechs Suiten (Solo Violoncello).
347,500 IDR
Editor: Cornelia Nöckel Fingering: Pascal Rogé Fing. vc: David Geringas
146,500 IDR
Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer / Johanns Klingenberg
230,000 IDR
Cello Edited by Klingenberg. Studies. Sheet Music. Violoncello Solo.
345,000 IDR