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W. Lloyd Webber:Nocturne Cello & Piano

Composer:Andrew Lloyd Webber

This short yet unforgettable Nocturne for cello and piano recalls in style the passionate lyricism of Rachmaninov, yet with a touch of tender nostalgia that is typically English in origin.
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• tuneful but easy 'show-off' pieces for young beginners • well written to reinforce basic fingering patterns, including all the notes in first position, and work on simple technical problems • full-colour attractive cover with cartoon illustration - piratical theme continues inside with a number of lively cartoons • majority of pieces suitable for ABRSM Preparatory Test
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18 Recital Pieces in First Position for Cello and Piano or Two Celli Volume / Series: Bärenreiter's Sassmannshaus Editor: Sassmannshaus, Christoph / Lusk, Melissa Language(s) of work: German, English Language(s) of text: German, English Product format: Performance score(s), Part(s) Instrumentation: Piano, Violoncello (Violoncello (2))
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Editor: Jens Dufner Fingering: Ian Fountain Fing. vc: David Geringas
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Cello Edited by Klingenberg. Studies. Sheet Music
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