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Short Biography Series: Mendelssohn (Marion Scott)

ARTIST: Felix Mendelssohn
SERIES: Novello Short Biographies
FORMAT: Books | Biography

Marion Scott, Michael Hurd. A major series of titles containing clear and concise accounts of the lives and music of some of the great composers. Written by leading authorities, they give students a background sufficient for all but very specialist study.
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Instrument: Choir Ensemble: Choir Series: Freddie Frog Publisher: Mystic Publishing
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Teaching beginners is a huge responsibility and a challenge, but also reaps enormous rewards, Today there are a host of colourful tutors to choose from, but none tells us how to teach beginners. It can be a hit and miss affair! Energising and inspirational,
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A Selection from Ghana score for voice and/or instruments - SSP - voice and Orff-instruments - English editor: Amoaku, William Komla Product Line: Orff-Schulwerk Pages: 32
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Paperback – December 31, 2012 by Peter Gelling (Author)
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