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Mate New SOP 20 - The New Thing will be accomplished (the songbook)

Pour Out 傾倒
Be Still 安靜
Let Me Stay 能不能
Heal Me. Lord 醫治我
Jesus, My Love 更多愛袮
Come to Worship 前來敬拜
Your Salt and Light 袮的器皿
I Want to Go to a Place 找一個地方
A New Beginning 全心的生命
Glory to You榮耀大君王
Glorious Calling 榮耀的呼召
Won't Give Up (Key of F) 奔跑不放棄
Won't Give Up (Key of Bflat) 奔跑不放棄
Rain Down Your Power降下袮大能
365 Days 三百六十五天
When Your Kingdom Comes 願袮國度降臨
Glory in the Highest 榮耀歸與真神
Our Beloved King 我們愛戴的王
You Do a New Thing 新的事將要成就
Let the Dreams Fly 給夢想一雙翅膀
If My God is with Me 只要有袮在我左右
Give Us Vision 新的異向,新的方向
With Our Praises Shake the Word 敬拜讓世界震動

Choir Piano Part 合唱鋼琴普:
Glorious Calling 榮耀的呼召
Give Us Vision 新的異向,新的方向
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41 songs from 4 albums with bonus Prayer for China with CD
385,000 IDR
A New Creation, Shout for Joy, The Path of Grace, Coming Home, Believe in Love, You will See Miracles, Praise Your Holy Name, Jehovah Shalom, Jesus, Your Name, Sing and Praise, Your Love is Deep and Wide. 新造的人,歡呼, 恩典之路,回家, 相信有愛就有奇蹟, 齊來讚美,耶和華沙龍,耶穌的名, 歌頌,袮的愛長闊高深 。
165,000 IDR
16 songs and 2 choir scores
220,000 IDR
Series: Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook Format: Softcover Artist: Hillsong
272,000 IDR