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• contains characterful and approachable compositions for cello and piano
• presents pieces in a variety of styles and moods, indicated by the descriptive titles
149,500 IDR
Cello - Level A (very easy)
14 pieces for flexible ensemble. Composed by Kathy and David Blackwell. String Time Ensembles. Book & CD. 24 pages.
155,500 IDR
By Kathy and David Blackwell
184,000 IDR
Cello - Level B (easy)
A third book of pieces for cello. Composed by Kathy and David Blackwell. Cello Time. Studies. Method book & CD. 32 pages
207,000 IDR
A first book of very easy pieces for cello
Kathy Blackwell and David Blackwell
Cello Time Joggers is a landmark book in the popular Cello Time series, which is enjoyed by students and teachers all over the world. It contains Kathy and David Blackwell's trademark attractive and engaging compositions that appeal to learners of all ages. Lively original pieces, traditional tunes, and easy duets take the learner from open strings to all fingers down in finger pattern 0-1-34.
207,000 IDR
Cello & cello/piano accompaniment - Level B (easy)
Composed by Ros Stephen. Globetrotters for strings. Book & CD. 32 pages.
276,000 IDR
Cello Solo
Series: String Method
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Composer: Jean-Pierre Duport
Editor: L Schultz
Nos 14–21. For unaccompanied cello.
Publisher Code: LB638
Width: 9.0"
Length: 12.0"
Page Count: 28 Pages
227,500 IDR
Cello - Easy
A stockingful of 32 easy pieces for cello. Composed by Kathy and David Blackwell. Cello Time. Book & CD. 24 pages.
190,000 IDR