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Authoer: Rowley, Alec
Little Trio on English Tunes
Violin, Cello, Piano
264,000 IDR
Guitar and strings
Composed by Nance, Mary Ann Godla.
Ensemble: Chamber Music.
Format: Music book.
Instrumentation: Guitar
150,000 IDR
Editor: Schmitz, Hans-Peter / Leisinger, Ulrich
Language(s) of text: German, English
Product format: Performance score(s), Set of parts, Urtext edition, Anthology
Includes the following individual parts: Flute, Basso continuo, Harpsichord
324,000 IDR
Detailed instrumentation:Violoncello, Basso continuoEditor:Hoffmann, Bettina

Product format:Score, Set of parts, Urtext edition, AnthologyIncludes the following individual parts:Violoncello, Basso continuo
610,500 IDR
Editor: Wolff, Christoph
Arranger: Barthel, Ernst R.
Product format: Piano reduction, Urtext edition
351,500 IDR
Piano Reduction
Detailed instrumentation: Violin Solo, Violin (2), Viola, Basso continuo
Arranger: Schelhaas, Martin
Editor: Kilian, Dietrich
222,000 IDR
David Popper’s suite in six movements, “ Im Walde ” will be known to cellists predominantly through cello and piano collections with the movements “ Gnomentanz ” and “ Andacht ”.

These popular movements are but two of six character pieces under the title “ Im Walde ” which first appeared in Hamburg as his opus 50 in 1882.
370,000 IDR
Volume / Series: Bärenreiter's Cello Collection
Editor: Sassmannshaus, Christoph
Language(s) of text: English, German
Product format: Piano reduction, Part(s), Anthology
Instrumentation: Violoncello, Piano
398,000 IDR