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Chen Yi Fishermans Song Violin & Piano

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• varied selection of immediately attractive pieces and excellent introduction to the repertoire • invaluable in teaching baroque style and technique, with performance notes for each piece and guidance on ornaments and rhythmic interpretation •separate violin part fully edited with bowings, dynamics and articulation marks for stylish performance on a modern violin •contains pieces by all the major composers and violin virtuosi of the day •each book contains notes on the composers and sources
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for the first violin lesson Violin composer: Seybold, Arthur Band 2 Difficulty: easy Pages: 28
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(Violin) Composed by Ottakar Sevcik (1852-1934). Music Sales America.
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Violin and Piano Series: String Solo Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc. Violin Composer: Henryk Wieniawski Editor: Nathan Milstein Great Performer's Edition.
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