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Music Theory Gym Book 1

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PUBLISHER: Bosworth AUTHOR: Joan Last SERIES: Sight Reading For Today FORMAT: Books | Instrumental Tutor NO OF PAGES: 20 LANGUAGE: English
160,000 IDR
Ear Training Practice Sets. Composed by Cheryl Finn and Eamonn Morris. Ear Training. Perfection Ear. CD. Duration 1 hour, 11 minutes, 42 seconds.
320,000 IDR
Editor/Author: Eric McDonald & Chan-Chiu Lu Yah Grade: 6-8 Category: Theory
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Language: English Arrangement: Voice, Piano Accompaniment (VCE/PFA) Author: David Turnbull PUBLISHER: Bosworth SERIES: Aural Time! FORMAT: Books | Aural PUBLISHED ON: 03 December 2010 NO OF PAGES: 20
138,000 IDR