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Hey Mom! Listen To This! - A Parent's Guide To Music

Composer/Artist/Author: Elaine Schmidt
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Language: Eng
Media: Textbook
No of Pages: 172

Hey Mom! Listen to This! is a soup-to-nuts guide for parents as they enrich their child's life with music. Starting with early-childhood Kindermusik, the book covers everything from strings, winds, and choral music to piano, guitar, drums, and ethnic instruments, presenting parents with information and options for renting or buying an instrument, selecting a private teacher, and finding performing ensembles for their child. The book continues past a child's high school graduation, with suggestions for continued musical experience for those not pursuing a music degree as well as educational and career options for those interested in making their living in music.

Written in a conversational style and packed with comments from professional musicians and music teachers, the guide presents musical options available to parents and their children at every stage of their education, offering specific information on such topics as keeping children motivated to practice and helping them deal with performance nerves. By giving parents the tools to help their child find success and enjoyment in music, this book gives parents confidence that they are making informed decisions for and with their child for the best possible musical experience.
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